29 лет, Москва, Россия

"Only you could make my dreams come true"

You abandoned me alone, without any dream.
And now I'm like a fallen angel.
My soul is somewhere in the clouds,
But still I'm on the ground.
My wings are bleeding, so do heart.
I miss you much, my last hero.
I hate we're not together,
I know, you think about me,
Couse there is no like me.
Fucking words, they just confuse.
And you were absolutely blind -
You didn't recognise my feelings.
Now please, my honey, have a smoke
and so do I,
Close your eyes...
...and I'll say goodbye.©

Кто читал?
13.12.2009 в 02:37


Дим@н, 33 Дим@н, 33 Киселевск
13 декабря 2009 в 08:32
Don't whory, be happy!!!
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